Could this be your team?

Could this be your team?

Create a powerhouse of change.

The following training modules can be done separately or together, or the content can be mix-and-matched to suit your needs.

They are grouped here addressing intentional change and intentional communication.

Module 1 - Intentional Change

  • Responding To VUCA - Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity
  • How the Left and Right Brain Respond Differently to Change
  • Eliminating De-Motivators in Change
  • Working Creatively Under Constraints
  • Get More Actionable Ideas From Your Team
  • Implement Change Without Getting Exhausted

Module 2 - Intentional Communication

  • 3 Hidden Demotivators In Communication
  • Using Visual Tools For Better Meetings
  • Building Trust
  • The Fortune Is In The Follow Up - Feedback and Recognition
  • Creating Compelling Copy

pdf - creative edge team training module one - intentional change

pdf - creative edge team training module two - intentional communication

Move your team to the next level by getting their BEST ideas and CONVERTING those ideas to actionable next steps.