Start Solving Problems - For Real

If you are reading this, chances are good you are in a state of exploration. That's good! You are seeking out answers, following up on a lead, a thread, a conversation, that sparked something deep inside: a desire to succeed. 

But I'm betting you feel stymied, blocked, unaccountably stuck. Something is nagging at you - maybe several things that you vaguely know are related problems that seem to be working together to keep you from moving ahead.

I'm also betting you are a knowledgable, competent, hard-working person. You are a professional who has had some measure of experience and success (otherwise you wouldn't be where you are.) And to that we say, kudos and congratulations! You have accomplishments that should be celebrated and recognized.

You are not alone.

You are probably wondering why, given your knowledge and professional success, you haven't been able to solve some of your pressing business and professional issues. The first thing you need to know is: You are not alone. Everyone finds themselves hitting plateaus, or climbing steep inclines, that come as a result of new challenges and new situations.

An opportunity for growth.

Often these problems are a direct result of past successes! We've placed ourselves in a situation that requires more from us than before. So don't feel bad; this is merely an opportunity for you to take the next step of development as a person and as a professional.

If you aren't getting all the results you desire, it's time to change your approach. If you aren't getting all the success you deserve, all the freedom from worry that you want, all the financial prosperity commensurate with your experience and expertise, and if the value of your business products and services are not being recognized, it is time to start thinking in a different way - the Right Brain Solutions way.

Business Q&A

Do any of the following Questions & Answers apply to you? Be brutally honest. Which one applies most to your situation?

Q: How's business?

A: We're treading water! We have just enough revenue to pay for current operations, but we have staffing needs, building repairs/expansion needs, program/product growth needs, and other investments we can't afford right now but are essential if our business is going to be competitive.

Q: How's your team doing?

A: We're not as aligned, organized, and effective as we'd like to be. There are managerial/administrative holes in the operation. A sense of disenfranchisement exists in the staff. There's not enough internal motivation and drive to work hard, innovate, or serve customers. 

Q: Do people "get" you?

A: We're not as visible as we could be. People don't necessarily understand what we are up to. We're not sure that the money we spend on advertising, publicity, and communications returns to us in the form of converted customers, affiliates, or patients.

Q: How's your bottom line?

A: That's what keeps me up at night. We have debt, obligations and operational needs that place ever increasing stress on the budget. We need more revenue to ease this pressure and to expand in the ways we need to expand.

How Your Right Brain Can Help

There are certain skill sets inherent in your Right Brain that, when given a little push, can bring out your most powerful professional and business solutions. These go beyond "creativity" as we usually think of it:

  1. Lateral thinking - going sideways at a problem when hitting it straight on isn't working
  2. Holistic seeing - improve your effectiveness by seeing how all the moving parts relate; learn to map and implement "breathable" systems that integrate your vision, people, and processes
  3. Empathic listening - get inside of your customer's, patient's, or donor's heads so that you can communicate better and get more buy-in
  4. Symphonic tuning -  everyone tunes in to the synergy of the whole, so that each person sees their efforts as part of a larger vision, and each person is carried along by the group
  5. Winsome influence - speak in a way that can be heard, market in a way that creates a new and memorable relationship to you

Imagine, it is New Year's Eve. Everyone is 

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