In a holding pattern. 

Blending in to the beige walls. Feeling no creativity. It is frustratingly, maddeningly, boring.


Where did all the vitality and passion go from my life?

If you try anything new or different, you worry you are going to get a barrage of negative stuff coming your way:

  • criticism
  • rules
  • bureaucracy
  • ostracized by peers
  • dressed down by boss
  • professional reputation damaged
  • job threatened

Perhaps you've experienced some of these painful results, and it has made you gun shy. So even though you don't want to, you are sitting in a place that feels like you can't move.

Is there a way out?

THE RIGHT BRAIN SHIFT is an 8-week individual coaching program to help you use your creative skills to jump over the professional hurdles you see in front of you.

In these eight 45-minute sessions, we will work together to:

  • Identify professional goals, problem areas, or areas in which you would like to see improvement
  • Map out a real-world understanding of the constraints facing you
  • Learn to move creatively through the day, to "find the cracks" in the professional walls around you
  • Advance your professional reputation by adding stand-out value 
  • Move your career forward

Along the way you will:

  • Practice using your Right Brain with participatory exercises that get immediate results
  • Learn to apply your creativity to your professional context
  • Find out which of the Right Brain skills make the most sense for you to use
  • Develop a custom-made plan that you will use even after the program is complete
  • Get weekly coaching and access to help so you won't feel stuck

When you get to the end of this program you will:

  • Know how to shift into your creative Right Brain, so it is there for you at those critical moments
  • Have the confidence to move ahead professionally
  • Be re-energized and excited for the future, of both your professional and creative life 
  • Feel the accomplishment of gaining and using newfound creative skills
  • Rediscover that you are profoundly creative, and that your creative powers are alive and well

Feel More Alive

When our creative powers come alive, so do we. The world needs more creativity, and more people who feel alive with creative power. Think of the problems that are solved when people tap into their deepest resources of creativity. Think of the people you can help, AND the added value to your organization you can bring, if you can release your creativity.

Get Creatively Unstuck.




Learn how to stop feeling constrained by forces beyond your control,

Earn more, do more, and be more BY USING YOUR CREATIVITY.