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Being broke sucks!

Or being underfunded, under-resourced, whatever. Call it what you will. You need more MONEY.

The only way to get more money is to make more SALES (or get more donations, or serve more patients, depending on your field, you get the idea.) The only way to do that is to REACH your target audience with the RIGHT message that hits them in the gut, and to which they CAN'T SAY NO.

You are a nice person. You don't like selling, that turns you off. That leaves you in a pickle, in a state of grim resignation about not having enough money.

But as the Godfather said, "Make them an offer they can't refuse." You can kill 'em with kindness! (Read, high quality service that ONLY you can provide.) Sales is service, when done in a way that is genuine and provides people with something that they really want or need.

Imagine, increasing your current number of clients (donors, patients) by just 10%. What if it was 20%? Do the math, how would that improve your business? The way to do this is by creatively communicating to your audience in a way that compells them to respond.

You'll get three 45-minute training sessions to learn how to draft a piece of marketing copy (a sales letter, Facebook ad, email, or a direct mail) and use it to generate more leads and MORE SALES. You'll improve your writing style and your ability to CONNECT with your target market, and come out with a brilliant piece of copy you can use and re-use in whatever media you choose.

You don't have a lot of money to waste. Why not invest it in something that will really pay off?