Creative Edge Introductory Training


Creative Edge Introductory Training


No more time-wasting, boring, I-can't-believe-I-have-to-sit-through-another-one-of-these trainings.

FREE TRAINING OFFER: Using a technique called Affinity Mapping, we will help your team to bring their best ideas to the table while learning from each other and seeing the problem from a new light.

You'll see first hand how to get lots of valuable ideas without wasting time and getting exhausted, AND you'll see how to convert those ideas into actionable next steps.

45-minute introductory training absolutely free. 

All you have to do is click the button at check out and we will do the rest! We will contact you to schedule your training and find out how to make it the most valuable use to you.

Don't wait to get the MOST VALUABLE ideas from your WHOLE team in LESS time. Be one of the first ten to book for this free training.

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Creativity is not just about brainstorming.

It's about your team functioning like an organism, to produce better results.

In these workshops, your team will learn how to access their Right Brain in a professional setting. Through participatory exercises and evaluation, the team will learn how to apply the Right Brain skill set to their unique situation.

You will also choose one major obstacle facing your team to work on by tapping the creativity of the group.

Learn how to bring the Right Brain to bear in dealing with change, and facing your toughest problems, and creating better communication on your team, in an engaging memorable way that will leave your team feeling inspired and renewed.

  • Eliminating De-Motivators in Change
  • Working Creatively Under Constraints
  • Using Visual Tools For Better Meetings
  • The Fortune Is In The Follow Up
  • And much more...

Module 1 - Intentional Change  

Module 2 - Intentional Communication.