Making The Leap Mentor Program

Personal program to taking the next step in your career

  • Improve the quality of your work
  • Position yourself to increase your income
  • Find the confidence to start moving toward your dream
  • Become the creator of your own life

The program includes six intensive sessions where we will:

  • Examine your situation as well as your goals and dreams
  • Practice how to tap into your highest creativity
  • Create a custom action plan for your next steps professionally
  • Explore financial options to protect yourself and get paid for what you offer
  • Deal with fear of failure and of moving forward
  • Set creative goals and accomplish more than you ever thought

Along the way you’ll have access to resources and support so that you never have to feel stuck.

As a result of this program you’ll have:

  • A renewed sense of energy for your career
  • A toolkit of new practices and resources to add value to yourself in your current position
  • Momentum on a new start, toward YOUR OWN professional future
  • A sense of real accomplishment having tried things you’ve never done before
  • A feeling that you are a creative person that succeeds because of your creativity

REMEMBER: If you don't take action, nothing will change.

Here are some other things you might want to consider as you process this offer:

  • What's holding me back?
  • What's the cost of not taking action?
  • What's the risk of not moving forward?
  • Where will I be next year if I do nothing? How will I feel then?
  • Where will I be in ten years if I do nothing? How will I feel then?
  • What keeps me up at night?
  • What if I could be free of that ceiling once and for all?

Ready to Make the Leap?

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