Will you make payroll this month?

Not having enough cash flow sucks. I know, I've been there. That feeling in your gut from constant down-to-the-wire-each-month, debt-looming-over-your-head, wondering-if-you'll-make-payroll mode is also toxic to your health. 

I know a lot of business people and nonprofit leaders who tend to curl up in a corner, or go play video games, or depend on their finger of scotch to deal with the pain of knowing their operation is not making enough money. 

If, instead, they would have more sales conversations, they could fix their problems with more money coming in the door.

If people only knew what you did...

How do you overcome the invisibility factor? How do you make more sales, have more of the right kind of marketing conversations, generate more support?

You and your team may be experts, but when it comes to getting the word out, you aren't saying and doing the right things to attract more customers, clients, donors, or patients. Why? Precisely because you are experts in your field. You naturally focus all your time and energy in what you do and how to do it well.

That's great that you know what your're doing! The only problem is, Your customers aren't thinking about that. Not initially, anyway. The key in sales and marketing is to speak to what your customers, clients, donors, or patients are thinking in a way that compels them to respond. That means merging with them emotionally in their world, by expressing how they feel, where they are starting, and why you understand that better than anyone.

When you work with Right Brain Solutions, you'll learn some key marketing skills:

The Tactics That Lead To More Sales Conversations

How To Be Genuine, Not Clever (And Build More Trust With Your Clients In The Process)

Sales Is Service (AKA How Not To Feel Sleazy When Selling and Marketing)

Capturing Your Unique Strengths (They Will Compel Attention)

How To Create A Sustainable, Ongoing, and Magnetic Marketing Campaign That Works While You Sleep

These methods, if you absorb and adapt them into your business plan, will transform your client engagement (and by extension, your income). 

Learn To Write Killer Marketing Copy

Yes, There is a way to generate more engagement and more response from your market.

Killer Marketing Copy

It has to do with the crafting of words, in a way that makes your audience intrigued and wanting more. This isn't because you are manipulating them, it is because they are looking for what you have to offer and they want to be persuaded by you to buy it from you!

What if you invested a little time with me to write some standout copy, that you could use over and over in different media, that consistently generated results?

Imagine if, by investing a few hours, you could learn how to push out content that brought more people face to face with you? I'm willing to bet that once people are in the door, they have a great experience (if not, don't worry, we can work on that part too). You can convert people to customers. The trick is getting them in the door, getting in front of them.

You can get more people in the door with better messaging, more salient writing, and better ad copy.

Put simply, you need killer marketing copy, without it you are doing too much heavy lifting trying to convince a cold market, AND you are losing people to competition and other distractions.

Why not explore how to gain more traction with your sales and marketing copy? I'm offering a low-risk way to get started with your Marketing and Sales with the Killer Marketing & Copy training program. I normally offer these three sessions and work on a piece of marketing copy for $497, which is already a steal, but right now I'm offering the first FIVE people who sign can do it for $297.

People pay in the FIVE FIGURES for this kind of help. Don't pass up a way to do it more affordably.

!  !  !

Think about it: if you generated even ONE additional client from this process, is that worth $297 to you?

Probably more, probably TEN times more if they stay with you. A HUNDRED or even a THOUSAND times more if you compute the lifetime equity of that client (provided you do the things to keep them coming back!)

Think of it as a toe in the water. If it turns out that it didn't work, you don't lose much. AND you'll have a piece of copy to use in all your media, website, Facebook, newsletters, brochures, and so on. That kind of work will last you for a year.

People tell me I'm crazy for offering this low of a rate, BUT I DO IT BECAUSE I'VE BEEN WHERE YOU ARE. I once did not know anything about sales and marketing or how to do it effectively, and I needed someone to take me under wing for awhile. Once that happened, my business took off. I now have an over 40% response rate (compare that to the average 5% for email marketing campaigns) in my businesses, and this has contributed to a steadily increasing number of leads and sales.

I want to share this with you. All you have to do is let me know you're ready.

P.S. Get a BONUS session on Business Strategy. Be one of the inner circle who gets in the door of this special rate, and I'll throw in an extra FREE session on your overall business plan. 

Killer Marketing Copy
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BONUS Creative Business Strategy Session

That's not all! I'm including a free bonus session on creative business strategy. Your newfound skill at marketing and sales will be even more effective when coupled with strategic thinking about better business practices. That way you have a plan for retaining the increased customers coming through your door. I want to give you some help in this area because it is an important aspect of follow-through in marketing. 

That's three intensive trainings on sales and marketing copy with specific help on a piece of sales writing (I will help you write and edit this copy), PLUS a session on business practices that will further enhance your sales efforts.

Get 3 Killer Marketing Copy Sessions + Sales Copy Work + 1 Creative Business Strategy Session, all for a special rate of $297 (normally $497).