Making The Leap Mentor Program

Special Offer

6 sessions + 2 bonus sessions  =  $749

Personalized coaching from an experienced entrepreneur, tailored to your unique situation.

Session curriculum

Typical sessions are 30 minutes, with preparatory assignments for each one. You'll have access to email support between sessions so you never have to feel stuck.

  1. Intake - your life, goals, dreams, your situation "on the ground"
  2. Strategy - what steps you can take NOW to begin moving in the direction you need to go
  3. Time - what to STOP doing to make space for your goals
  4. Creativity - how to access and use your Right Brain for the tasks ahead
  5. Network - who can help you in your journey
  6. Tools - Powerful leverage so you can get there quicker

AND TWO BONUS sessions around a topic of your choice.

Get in the door while you have a chance to take your career in a new direction without investing thousands of dollars. Recognize the value of your dream. Take action now. Make the leap to the person you want to be.

Payment options

Within 24 hours upon submitting payment you will receive an email with further instructions and a schedule for session appointments.