If people only knew what you did...

How do you overcome the invisibility factor? How do you generate more support, engagement, and momentum for your vision?

You and your team may be experts, but when it comes to getting the word out, you may not be saying and doing the right things to influence and attract others to your cause.

Why? Precisely because you are experts in your field, you naturally focus all your time and energy in what you do and how to do it well.

The only problem with your expertise is, your customers and constituents aren't thinking about that. They are thinking about whether what you do is useful to them AND they are seeking a vision that is more compelling than any that they are currently following.

So how can you clarify that vision, and then speak and act in a way that compels people to respond?  

When you find your core vision, it brings everything into alignment, helps you build trust, and builds a culture of influence from the inside out.


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