Stop Paying So Much For Consulting

Does this story sound familiar?

You can do better than this...

You can do better than this...

1. You hired a big firm to help your business or non-profit with strategic planning, sales, revenue, fundraising, or some other key objectives.

2. You (and everyone on your team) got excited at first because there was a sense of momentum, progress, and meaningful change.

3. Fast forward several months. You feel a sense of deflated energy. You look around and see a few great-looking binders sitting on your shelf, with lots of data that you were told to do something with.

4. You realize in hindsight, you paid too much. It was, admittedly, a good sales pitch from whomever you hired, and perhaps they did deliver some value, but it was not what you had hoped for and it didn't produce the results that led you to look for a consultant in the first place.

Why Did This Happen?

All this happened because a) the consultant was unwilling or unable to do enough consistent hands-on work with you and your team or b) the consultant didn't properly inform you as to the real timeline, costs, and workload to you, or c) the consultant didn't help you implement a sustainable strategy within your organization to keep the system going after he or she left, or d) ALL OF THE ABOVE.

There is a better way.

You need a more agile, adaptive, sustainable approach to YOUR unique business or organization.

Right Brain Solutions uses a careful intake process and a thorough, step-by-step approach to get you where you need to go, with ongoing access and the support you need so that you will never have to feel stuck.

We'll help you with understanding and clarifying your core challenges and determine which actions are the most valuable for you to take. But we won't stop there. We will help you learn how to negotiate your way to a better resource state so that you have the means to continue the work you do, and to grow in your mission and service to the community.

We can help—without breaking the bank.

What would it be worth to you, personally and professionally, to be able to recruit the right board members and activate them in a way that truly helped you move forward?

It's common for businesses and non-profits to pay in the six figures to get help accomplishing these goals. But if you are a small operation, you have to be smarter than that.  You've already had to be very creative, resourceful, and careful with your money, and you are probably on the lookout for ways to do even more with what you have. 

What will it cost you if you don't take action?

A valuable thing for you to do right now - even if you do nothing else - is to put a number to what it will cost if you stay where you are as an organization. How do the problem areas you see affect you in the long run? Can you tally up hours, weeks, and years of lost time? What about the hidden costs, the emotional toll on employees resulting in poor performance and leaving, the lost momentum from stalled projects, and the people not reached with your product or service?

Take action today to help your organization. With Right Brain Solutions' diagnostic tools and one-on-one support, you can identify problem areas that are fixable with small steps, and begin to move forward. 

Don't be at the same place in three months that you are right now.

Make the decision. You owe it to yourself.