Everyone knows that the Right Brain is creative. 

But did you know that it is also much more?

Right Brain Bulb

It is the side of your brain you use when you need to examine a complex issue from many angles and see all the moving parts at once.

It is what you need when you have done all the data gathering you can do, and now it is time to interpret the data and act.

When you are "getting in the flow", when you really feel a sense of time disappearing as you became absorbed in the activity at hand, you are in your Right Brain. (Research has shown that this sense of "flow" is essential to peak performance.)

Did you know you have to use your Right Brain whenever you are thinking of what benefits your team, your organization, or your family, rather than just yourself? 

Think about a time you really felt "on" in a meeting, a sales call, or a negotiation. It was probably because you felt a connection. You were able to get inside the viewpoint, the background, and the experience of the person across from you just enough, to establish a feeling of mutuality, of joining, of being on the same side.

That's your Right Brain in action. It knows how to think win-win, and to harmonize and empathize. How valuable are those skills in what you do?

The Right Brain is holistic, group-oriented, and organic. It relates and synthesizes disparate ideas. It connects opposites (including people who don't get along). It brings ideas together in new ways, and comes up with unexpected solutions to seemingly impossible problems. 

Yes, the Right Brain is creative—in many ways you may not have considered. It can create new material and new realities all around you, if you only let it.

What could you do if you could harness the power of your Right Brain more often?


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