If people only knew what you did…

How do you overcome the invisibility factor? 

You and your team may be experts, but when it comes to getting the word out, you aren’t saying and doing the right things to attract more customers, clients, donors, or patients. Why? Precisely because you are experts in your field. You naturally focus all your time and energy in what you do and how to do it well.

That’s great that you know what you’re doing! The only problem is, Your customers aren’t thinking about that. Not initially, anyway. The key in sales and marketing is to speak to what your customers, clients, donors, or patients are thinking in a way that compels them to respond. That means merging with their experience, speaking to them emotionally in their world, by expressing how they feel, where they are starting, and why you understand that better than anyone.

Getting inside the heads and hearts of your market is a Right Brain skill. The more you access your Right Brain, the better you’ll get at this. One way to do it is through practicing writing marketing and copy. 

I didn’t always know how important the skill of writing good copy was. It’s worth learning more about. I also didn’t always know how fun it could be, and how much of an artistic outlet it is!

So in that sense you can get two for one: Right Brain activity through creative writing, and Right Brain activity through empathy and mirroring of other people.


What’s an example of compelling writing you’ve recently read, that influenced your behavior or caused you to act?

What steps can you take to relate to your market through better writing?

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