Small business owners have one thing in common: WORRY

We worry whether we are spending our time and money in the right ways. We worry about providing quality service on time. We worry about developing relationships with clients and customers in the right way.

And that’s not counting the other worries (kids’ schedule, overdue bills, what to wear to the event on Friday.)

Rest assured: your Right Brain can help.

How? The Right Brain helps you stop worrying in two ways: 1) It shuts off your inner critic and 2) It drops you into your body.


You know it well. That negative voice you always hear? The one in your head that pipes up after you hang up the phone or speak in a meeting and starts analyzing it. “You mispronounced a word, you didn’t do so great at that, you sounded silly.” The Left Brain is AMAZINGLY talented at criticism. By getting into your Right Brain more frequently you can learn to silence that voice that is sabotaging your confidence and stopping you from taking constructive risks.


Secondly, The Right Brain is connected to the body. When you drop into your body and go away from language and numbers for awhile, you feel better. Maybe you run, do kickboxing, or yoga. It’s not just because of endorphins and more oxygen (though very important). All of these bodily activities are Right-brain activators, and Left-brain inhibitors. They give you a break from your inner critic and from worry.

You can learn to shut off that voice. The one that over-analyzes and nit-picks everything. It does take practice, but you can literally shut it off by learning to enter your Right Brain.

What could be different for you if you really got free of worry? What kind of leader could you be? What impact could you make in the world? Isn't it time to turn a new corner?

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