Does it feel like people aren't coordinating?

Paper Ships

Like ships passing in the night.

When people and departments don't coordinate, you not only waste time and money, you lower the output and the quality of your product or service.

Whether you are a drug manufacturer or a school teacher, having extra work to do because of mis-fires, poor communication, and lack of communication lowers morale and costs money.

Here's a big reason why mis-coordination happens:

Your Right and Left hemispheres are like two parallel universes. 

That's right! The mis-communication happens first inside your own head.

Your Left Brain (LB) is linear, time-bound, numbers-oriented, and logical. To the LB everything is a tool. The LB is individualistic and designed to keep you safe, protected, and in control.

Your RIght Brain (RB) is non-linear, associative, holistic, and relational. To the RB everything is to be observed, explored, received, and connected. The RB is designed to help the group achieve connection, community and synergy.

Working with parts and wholes

Your Left Brain can only see pieces — not how they go together

Your Left Brain can only see pieces — not how they go together

When we work with pieces of information and parts of things, we are squarely in our LB. When we see the big picture, and how all the moving parts integrate, we are in the the RB.

In the normal course of the work day, we are processing and working with parts. Think about it: texts, emails, calendar dates, workflow segments, spreadsheets, bits of data, bits of speech from co-workers or newsfeeds.

Sorting, arranging, ranking, critiquing, and analyzing all of it is Left Brain. The Right Brain is needed, but it isn't being used. Is it a surprise then, that we have trouble coordinating things? 

Stepping back to the big picture

Organizational problems such as lack of departmental coordination come from people who, planted squarely in their LB, cannot see beyond their part of the puzzle.

If you are dealing with inefficiency, duplicated work, or work backlog due to miscommunication, YOU MUST STEP BACK and see the big picture, and more importantly, help them to do the same. The parts aren't fitting, the pieces aren't synthesizing, you need to help them back together.

Translation, you must activate your collective Right Brains.

Since the Left Brain tends to be individuated and isolated, if you (or your team) want to have more ability to harmonize and work together with others, YOU MUST GET OUT OF THE LEFT BRAIN. That means reducing the tasks and processes that plant you squarely in the Left Brain.

This is not going to be easy, since the majority of our workday tasks carry us into the Left Brain.

The First Steps

The first thing to do is learn more about it. Become more aware of what the differences are between the hemispheres of your brain, and learn how and when you tend to access each.

To see a table of the most important differences between the hemispheres, click here. (A useful thing to do is to select three traits from each list that seem most important to you, and focus on developing those. )

The second thing you can do is get training. If you haven't been trained in how to turn on your Right Brain, it will be next to impossible to figure out (because your Left Brain can't do it, and that's probably where you are right now.) 

That's where we come in. We can help you and your team map out how to spend more time accessing your creative, associative, observational and relational RIght Brain, within the current constraints of your workday, so that you produce more well-rounded, impactful work.

Find out more about our personal and team-based creativity training here, and take a tangible step to getting your team coordinated. 

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