Edward Headshot

Hi, I'm Edward. It's great to see you here, thanks for poking around!

I help people move ahead in their professional and personal lives, by coaching them on shifting into their Right Brain. Many people don't know the enormous skill set they possess by accessing this part of their brain.

I've been a consultant for businesses and non-profits in team-building, fundraising, marketing, and communications, and I also work one-on-one to help people more effectively use their creativity. 

Working with people in just about every field, from sales to accounting to HR, from solo businesses to churches to academic institutions, I've learned that problems are the same wherever you go, whatever business you are trying to do.

As a practicing fine artist and violinist, I work with the Right Brain on a daily basis with all ages and kinds of people. I am absolutely passionate about helping people improve by being more creative.

If you would like to learn more about how to create a better life, make more impact at work (and ENJOY yourself more in the process!) please reach out. I'm only a click away. I would love to hear from you - all you have to do is shoot me a quick note here: